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The Quarryman's Arms

The Quarryman's Arms Inn was on what is now Quarry House on Queen Street. The original cottages date from the early 1700’s. They are very old and had many uses before becoming a pub. The Inn was licensed as a beer house, so it could only sell beer - not wines or spirits.

The earliest record we have found is Thomas Gregory recorded as the beer house keeper in the Wrights Directory of 1888. However, he was probably running a beer house there in 1880.

Marston's (later Marston, Thompson and Evershed) purchased the Inn in 1900. They owned it until it closed as a pub in 1956. It then became a private home, known as Quarry House.

The landlord Arthur Gibson in the photo arrived in the years leading up to 1911, when he was aged 44. He left between 1932 and 1939. By 1939, Edward Wapples was the landlord, as shown on the 1939 Register. Note that the Inn was clearly a beer house only in the photo.

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