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M1 Motorway

The face, noise and fame of Markfield changed again with the opening of the M1. The sections from Crick to Kegworth (junctions 18 to 24) opened in November 1965. Here are some pictures of the construction, courtesy of the Leicester Mercury Archive at the University of Leicester.

Looking South from the Forest Road/Stoney Lane bridge, 13th October 1964:

Building the J22 roundabout, 13th July 1964. The line of the M1 runs from top to bottom of the picture, the new bridges are in place, with work to build the embankment underway. The A50 to Leicester is on the left, the new Cliffe Hill Lane entrance/exit and A50 to Coalville are to the right:

The J22 roundabout in a more complete state, with new signs, 3rd February 1965:

The route of the motorway marked on an aerial photo of the hospital:

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