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Information Board at the Main Street car park

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The information board fronting the car park on Main Street shows some of the older buildings within the village and their history.

The board was installed in 2016. This resulted from a lot of hard work by members of Markfield Local History Group with the support of the Parish Council.

The locations are:

1. The Co-op on Main Street

2. The Bull's Head and Forest Road corner

3. The Miner's Institute, Main Street

4. Saw Pits Green and Trinity Methodist Church, Main Street

5. The Congregational Hall and Clara Hewitt's shop, Main Street

6. The George, Main Street

7. Main Street, opposite where Neville Drive is now

8. Dilks' Bakery, Queen Street

9. Spence's Bakery, Main Street

10. Wardle's Butchers, at the top of Main Street

11. The Post Office and the Red Lion, Main Street

12. St Michael's and All Angels Church

13. Joyner's Corner, Main Street

14. Main Street, opposite Saw Pits Green

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